­Geotechnisches Ingenieur­büro Prof. Fecker & Partner GmbH

Since 1996 GIF as an independent engineering office offers a comprehensive range
of services of geotechnical field tests for preliminary exploration of the properties of rock and soil.

Furthermore we are conducting measurements and instrumentations in building construction and civil engineering.

GIF considers quality work and flexibility as decisive for the economic success in addition to favourable price. We have been working successfully for more than twenty years thanks to our constant efforts to meet customer requirements, constant improvement, well-founded specialist knowledge, professionalism and commitment of our employees.

Geotechnical Testing

Borehole Deformability Testing

Borehole Explorations

Primary Stress Measurements

Plate Load Tests

In Situ Triaxial Tests

In Situ Shear Tests

Geotechnical Instruments

Displacement Measurements

Forces and Stresses

Temperature Measurements

Ground Water Observations

Automatic Data Acquisition

Geotechnical Measurements on Hillsides and Slopes

Geotechnical Measurements in Tunnelling

Geotechnical Measurements in Dump Engineering

Geotechnical Measurements on Dams