The Geotechnisches Ingenieurbüro Prof. Fecker und Partner GmbH (GIF) is a geotechnical engineering and measuring company active in the field of geotechnics since 1996.

GIF considers quality work and flexibility as decisive for the economic success in addition to favourable price. Thanks to constant efforts to meet customer requirements, constant improvement, well-founded specialist knowledge, professionalism and commitment of our employees, we were already successfully active as the measurement technology department of gbm for more than fifteen years.

As an independent company, the range of services now includes the following:

  • Carrying out in-situ tests to determine rock and soil properties.
  • Carrying out in-situ tests to determine the interactions between the structure and the subsoil.
  • Delivery and installation of measuring instruments for short and long-term monitoring of the functional efficiency of buildings.
  • Tests and measurements for exploration of mountain and groundwater.
  • Development and implementation of special processes according to customer requirements.
  • New developments in the field of geotechnical testing and measurement.

Through the interdisciplinary cooperation of geotechnicians, geologists, programmers, mechanical and electrical engineers, GIF is able to offer this range of services creatively and qualitatively and to have them implemented on site by trained and experienced personnel. With our suppliers we also pay attention to the highest quality standard and thus guarantee an extraordinarily good price-performance ratio.

The core processes of our company are, as already mentioned, the execution of in-situ tests to test the ground properties (especially of rock) and the supply and installation of measuring instruments.

Definition of the quality policy

The declared quality goal of our company is to differentiate ourselves from the competition through the quality of our services, developments and products at market-driven prices. In order to maintain our position in the market and increase our competitiveness, the management undertakes to sensitise the employees for the achievement of customer satisfaction in order to maintain this as well as continuous improvement as the top quality goal in the long term.

Of course we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001